Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet

Road To Renewal Program Family Info

Dear Parishioners,

I wanted to introduce myself to all of you this weekend.  I’ll be serving as the pastor of the Niagara Falls family of parishes or Family 35.  I have been a priest for fifteen years, spending the last eight at St Jude the Apostle in North Tonawanda.  I am looking forward to facing the challenges ahead with all of you.  It is certainly going to be a journey with ups and downs.  However, I ask that you be patient with me and my brother priests who will be serving this family as well.

The other priests who will be serving this community will be Fr Duane Klizek, Fr Mario Racho, Fr Benjamin Mariasooai and Fr Stew Lindsay.  Over the last few weeks, I have gotten to know all of them a little bit better.  All of them are good priests who will serve this family of parishes faithfully. 

I know many of you have questions and concerns with the Road to Renewal.  I certainly understand that.  I do ask for your help and prayers though. 

Next week I will share information about the pillar committees. These are essential to the process of the Road to Renewal.  I will ask for representatives from each parish to serve on these committees to move forward.  This is an important opportunity to be involved in the Road to Renewal.  However, each representative must be committed to the process and accepting of the changes that will take place.

Christ’s Peace,

Fr Jim Kirkpatrick